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Our approach has been developed over 20 years by Australia's most respected startup expert, Marcus Tarrant.

We have developed a unique process to assist you turn an idea into a business and secure funding.  Since its inception in 2010, this process has been used to help over 1,000 business founders take the first step, and start a business based on solid foundations and economics.

We are now 100% focused on our new business vision with a concrete plan to achieve it. The consultation time with Marcus has been enormously beneficial both as a resource and in structuriing our goals.  I would recommend Business Planning HQ to any business owner/operator wanting to increase revenue, performance and asset value. Thanks so much!”

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Angela Rich - "Flower Child"

Cathy Cohen "Raw"

Angela wanted to evaluate the business opportunity resident in "Flower Child".  Business Planning HQ assisted her to evaluate the concept, define her strategy,  and fund the purchase of key assets.

Cathy had an idea for Raw, but needed to explore possible business models and develop a clear commercial plan with targets so she could stay on-track.  This testimonial was shot 3 years later once her business was established.

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Rachel Kung

Founder and CEO

Phoebe Martin

Founder and Operations Manager

We needed a plan because we want to go big, we want to be successful and give everything we have got to be successful. Plus we need to get a loan. The process has helped to give me a clearer view of where we are going. As I said the other day, we have an idea in our head but no idea on where to go next. Now we have more direction.

We would absolutely recommend Business Planning HQ